Hutch (no Starsky)

I have a number of cabinets that contain my collection of VHS tapes.  For DVDs, well, they've just tended to pile up on top of those cases.  On Friday, I wanted to watch one that was toward the bottom of the pile and triggered an avalanche.  After getting them piled up again, I thought about it and went downstairs to see what kind of wood I had available.  Turned out to be plywood left over from building the layout, so I cut some to size and created a hutch using very quick dado joinery.  However, it left a lot to be desired — bare plywood edges, tendency to splinter along the edges, etc., but it did get the job done and proved the concept.  On Saturday, I visited Lowes and got a length of 1×6 red oak.  I then built a permanent hutch in the same manner that I build my display cases — mitered corners, biskit joinery, etc.  After two coats of poly and a final rub down, it's in the living room holding many of my DVDs, clearing up the mess and looking very nice.  A nice project for a very rainy day — one hutch, no Starsky. Wink And, no commentary, please, on my taste in DVDs! Laughing


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