Standard Gauge Freight From Another Point of View

I've been bitten badly by the Standard Gauge bug.  I've now obtained all nine of the 500-series freight cars (in modern reissues of course) that Lionel originally put out beginning in 1927.  This video shows all nine being pulled by my Lionel Corp. #400E steam locomotive.  The cars are the 511 flatcar with wood load, 512 gondola, 513 cattle car, 514 refrigerator car, 514 boxcar (please don't ask me why they used the same number for two different cars), 515 tank car, 516 hopper car, 517 caboose, and 520 floodlight car.  The video has two run-bys, the second one faster than the first.  Since people seemed to like the birds-eye view video of my O-gauge layout, now the I have the flatcar I was able to mount the video camera and the third segment of the video is a birds-eye view of the Top of the World layout.  There isn't all that much to see, but it is a very different point of view!

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