A New Video

On Friday, I picked up the new MTH Premier Jersey Central (CNJ) Ingersoll-Rand boxcab diesel locomotive.  Now, I don’t usually go in for diesels, much preferring steam.  But this little gem is a model of the very first diesel locomotive ever (the one that spelled the beginning of the death of steam) and it has a die-cast body (unusual for a diesel).  Plus, it just appealed so I got it.  It’s a nifty little model!  There are photos on the web site.  I shot a short video of it, to show it off in action and to show off the new DCS feature, a grade crossing signal (two long, one short, one long) that’s newly incorporated into the sound set.  The video is available in the usual three formats (Windows Media, Real Media, and MPEG-4) on the Multimedia page of the web site.  Here it is, in reduced resolution and quality, on YouTube.

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