A Visit to Maryland

Yesterday, my friend Bob and I visited the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD.  We did so five years ago but this was our first visit since the roundhouse roof collapsed a few years ago.  They've done an extraordinary restoration job to both the roundhouse and the trains that were damaged in the collapse.  I will be posting photos on the B&O Railroad Museum page as time allows — with the digital camera, I took about three times the number of shots that I did five years ago.  They have done a lot of work at the museum and it shows.  It was good to see the mighty Allegheny indoors and out of the weather.  Afterward, we drove the short distance to Columbia, MD and visited MTH.  Andy Edleman was a great host and we had the chance to chat with him about trains and see much of what goes on there, including testing of newly arrived trains.  The first photo is the B&O Railroad Museum roundhouse; the second is Bob and Andy at MTH.

B&O Railroad Museum roundhouse

Bob and Andy at MTH

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