NYC Hudson (4-6-4) Steam Locomotive Video

I've noticed for some time now that my collection of O gauge trains has been missing one locomotive in particular — a New York Central Hudson.  Now, I do actually have two (videos are on YouTube) but they aren't the standard Hudson that people expect — one is a "tinplate" Hudson, reproducing a Lionel prewar model, and the other is the Dreyfuss streamlined Hudson.  When the opportunity presented itself to get a new one (albeit one that was issued some years ago), well, I've never been one to turn down such opportunities! 🙂  Here then is a True HD 1080p video of my new NYC Hudson, a 4-6-4 steamer that was a mainstay of the NYC for many years, hauling their fast passenger trains.  I've paired it with my set of Lionel heavyweight passenger cars that came out more than 15 years ago but which are an ideal match for it.  They're full scale length and while they don't have the detailed interiors and passenger figures of modern cars, they look just fine!  Together, the locomotive and cars make for a stunning train as I think you'll agree!  😉  In the video, you can see the train running first at 10 smph and then at 15 smph under full DCS control.

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