The Magic of DCS

One of the really neat features of MTH's DCS and PS2 locomotives is the ability to change the personality file that's located in each PS2 locomotive.  If MTH issues a revised or updated file, you can make the changes simply by changing the file.  If you're doing an upgrade to PS2 and had to use a "similar" file, you can change it when a more appropriate one becomes available.  That's recently happened with the Premier model of the N&W Class A (2-6-6-4) articulated steam locomotive.  When I did the upgrade to PS2, there was no PS2 Class A available and hence there was no personality file, so I use the one for my MTH Premier N&W Y6b.  MTH recently issued a new, enhanced PS2 Class A, so I was able to download that sound file and upload it into the locomotive.  The new whistle is much more appropriate and is a good match for that heard in recordings made of prototype Class A locomotives when those giants roamed the rails.  The other sounds are more appropriate as well.  The video is available in the usual three formats (Windows Media, Real Media, and MPEG-4) on the Multimedia page of the web site.  Here it is, in reduced resolution and quality, on YouTube.

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