The Anniversary Set

In 1950, Lionel brought out a set of short streamlined passenger cars in yellow with red trim, accompanied by a set of yellow and gray Union Pacific FA diesel locomotives.  Given the color and the fact that it was the 50th anniversary of Lionel, collectors took to calling this the "Anniversary Set".  Though I have a reproduction of the set made by Lionel in 1994, I've never had the actual Anniversary Set, which has always annoyed me since I otherwise have a complete collection of these postwar short streamlined passenger cars.  Well, I finally found a set in excellent condition and now have them!  My collection is complete!  I've posted photos on Lionel Postwar Short Streamlined Passenger Car page on my website and will soon shoot a video of the cars in action.  Here are the photos; click on them to enlarge.

Lionel 2481

Lionel 2482

Lionel 2483

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