MTH/Lionel Complete Standard Gauge State Set with #381E Electric Locomotive Video

Having been bitten very badly by the Standard Gauge bug, back in March 2012 I got the ultimate Standard Gauge passenger set — the State Set.  This set is a reproduction of the set that Lionel brought out in 1929 which, when you think about it, was not the best year to bring out an expensive toy train.  They are the largest and most elaborate passenger cars of that era (or any era for that matter), with the four cars alone stretching out more than seven feet in length!  This set is in the original two-tone State green color; later sets also came in two-tone State brown.  The cars have detailed interiors, down to lids that can be raised and lowered on the toilets!  Since then (it's just before Christmas 2012), I've been hunting for the add-on cars that MTH created to go with this set, as well as the matching #381E electric locomotive that originally pulled this set (I've previously shown it being hauled by a reproduction #400E steam locomotive).  Not that long ago, I finally managed to get all the cars and the locomotive, though it was the PS1 version.  I was disappointed that it could not be upgraded to PS2, and started hunting for the almost-mythical PS2 version (there were not many made and they seem to be as scarce as hen's teeth).  Just in the last few weeks, I managed to find and nab one!  This True HD 1080p video shows the PS2 version of the #381E hauling all six State cars.  While the original, from 1929, couldn't do a good job hauling the four cars it came with (which is why in subsequent years the set only came with three cars), this modern reproduction just walks away with all six.  And what of the PS1 version that I now also have (someone very wise once said that you can't have too many #400E's or #381E's)?  Stay tuned for a surprise coming in a few days.  That's all I'll say for now!

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