Once Again A’Building

The first two display cases that I got for the trains were custom built for me by a fine craftsman (you can see them on the Display Cases page of my web site).  After those, I started building them myself.  Between the lower of those two cases and the floor has been a twenty-two inch gap.  It's bothered me all these years and I've finally done something about it.  I've begun constructing a new display case that will fit into that gap.  Though only twenty-two inches high, it's a full eight feet in width, the widest that I've ever built.  Dealing with eight foot lengths of wood is quite clumsy and a royal pain you-know-where, but I've got it pretty much done.  All that remains is to sand it, assemble it, put on a plywood back, and finish it.  It will give me about thirty-two feet of additional display space that should get about thirty-two Atlas reefers off the layout!  Here it is as it is today, awaiting sanding.

display case

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