It’s Been One Hell of a Year!

I've received emails asking why I've mostly left my online presences.  Where do I start?  For a while now, I've noticed that my vision has been degrading.  Magnifying glasses began popping up all over the house so that I could read books and magazines as it was all blurred without them.  I got a 27" monitor to try to make it easier to use the computer and I still wound up sometimes using a magnifying glass to read the screen.  My ophthalmologist finally broke the bad news to me that I had a cataract in my left eye and it was getting worse.  He recommended a top-flight cataract surgeon in NYC (Park Ave no less).  To make a long story short, last week I had the surgery to remove the old clouded, yellowed lens and replace it with a new artificial lens.  I can now see clearly out of my left eye for the first time in a long while and can once again read without the magnifying glasses.  Next week I'll be fitted for new glasses to both work with the computer and for distance.  There being a downside for every upside, I now know that my right eye is also degrading since everything appears to be yellowing and blurry compared to the now-fixed left eye, so in six months or so I will have to undergo the same procedure for my right eye.  At least I know, based on the left eye, that it's nothing to be feared and that it will probably turn out as well as this surgery.

As if that wasn't enough, earlier this month, I was returning home from the pharmacy, the traffic light turned green, I proceeded across the intersection and, without warning, a Ford Explorer ran the red light (she didn't even try to stop and was clearly paying attention to anything but her driving) and T-boned my Envoy, caving in the entire passenger side.  Fortunately, I had no passengers and just as fortunately I was driving an Envoy which kept me safe — by sacrificing itself.  It was declared a total loss and I was faced with finding a new vehicle much sooner than I had intended.  After careful consideration, I opted for a 2014 Cadillac SRX, returning to Cadillac for the first time since my 1990 Coupe de Ville.  It's a magnificent vehicle but there is a steep learning curve due to the amount of technology built into it.  ::sigh::  And people wonder where I've disappeared to.  Now you know!

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