Another New Toy!

This one is definitely not my fault!  Last weekend, my friend Bob and I went to the World's Greatest Hobby show held here in Edison.  We had a chance to catch up with friends we haven't seen for years, among them Andy Edleman and Rich Foster from MTH.  On display at the MTH booth was a brand new O-Gauge tinplate set (Lionel tinplate is manufactured by MTH).  Now, as you can tell from reading this blog or perusing my web site, it's Standard Gauge tinplate that interests me most, not O-Gauge tinplate, though I do have two O-Gauge tinplate sets (one is the American Legacy tinplate set and the other is the Baby Blue Comet set).  This set is based on the old Lionel #256 set from the 1920's and it was absolutely stunning — a boxcab electric locomotive with five matching color Great Northern passenger cars, of a type that I do not already have.  Well, we can blame this on on Andy, and I now have the full set.  Here are some photos; a video will follow.  In the first photo, you have a nice broadside view of the locomotive.

Lionel tinplate 256 locomotive

The second photo shows the face of the locomotive.

Lionel tinplate 256 locomotive

The third photo shows the baggage car.  All of the passenger cars are from the 700 series and are the largest O-Gauge tinplate cars that I now have.

Lionel tinplate 713 baggage car

The next photo shows the coach car.  There are three of them in the complete set.

Lionel tinplate 710 coach car

The next photo shows the observation car with the open platform at the back.

Lionel tinplate 712 observation car

The final photo is a view of the back of the observation car.

Lionel tinplate 712 observation car

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