A Blast From The Past!

One of the very first MTH Premier steam locomotives that I got was the Southern Pacific Cab Forward (4-8-8-2) and it's hard to believe that that was almost 10 years ago!  It's a large model of a very unusual prototype — the Cab Forwards were used by SP so that the exhaust didn't suffocate their train crews when going through their long tunnels and snow sheds.  It makes for a very strange-looking locomotive!  Given that it's 10 years old, the level of modeling and detail isn't up to today's standards but it still holds its own.  It's equipped with the original ProtoSound system which provides sound and smoke but doesn't allow for the kind of remote controlled command operation that we're used to today.  While I've upgraded most of my original ProtoSound locomotives to the newer ProtoSound 2 system (PS2) that allows for full remote control with DCS, I haven't attempted this one due to the engineering challenges.  At least, I haven't attempted it yet! Wink I've shot an 80 second video of the Cab Forward in action — the video in your choice of the three high-resolution high-quality formats that I support (Real Media, Windows Media, and MPEG-4) is on the Multimedia page of my web site.  The lower resolution, lower quality version on YouTube is below.

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