The Layout in Action!

One of the first videos I ever shot showed the layout in action with the three main loops running.  I thought that I'd revisit that and show what I'm running today.  All three trains are made up of AtlasO reefers, about 150 in all.  On the outside track (O-72) are the MTH Premier GN Z-6 Challenger (4-6-6-4) , GN R-2 (2-8-8-2), and the GN S-2 Northern (4-8-4) running triple-headed.  On the middle (O-54) track is the MTH Premier PRR K4s Pacific (4-6-2) with a second K4s pushing.  On the inside track (O-42) is the MTH Premier PRR L1 Mikado (2-8-2) with the PRR B28 Six-Coupled (0-6-0) pushing.  That's a total of seven MTH Premier steamers running at the same time.  As you'll see, it gets quite smoked-up quite fast! The video is available in Real Media, Windows Media, and MPEG-4 high-quality high-resolution formats on the Multimedia page of my web site or as a lower-quality lower-resolution version on YouTube, ideal for dial-up users.

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