A Visit To The Harbor

There was a train show today at the restored CNJ terminal at Liberty State Park in Jersey City.  Bob, his daughters, and I drove up.  While the show was quite small and not really worthy of mention, the terminal has been beautifully restored and is worth seeing on its own.  They now have ferries running from the park to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and, since it was a rare lovely warm October day, we took the ferry.  The salt air was wonderful and the scenery is spectacular.  I'll be posting lots of photos of the CNJ terminal, the park, the NYC skyline, NY harbor, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty on the new Liberty page in the Pets/Misc section of my Roses web site.  Meanwhile, as a teaser, here's the CNJ terminal (taken from the ferry) and the Statue of Liberty.

CNJ Terminal

Statue of Liberty

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