Diesels on the Layout!

I'm for the most part a steam lover — there's just something magical about the old steamers.  For that reason, diesels on my layout are few and far between.  However, when opportunity knocks ….  I was at the Model Railroad Shop and in the course of a discussion with the owner, Jack, he mentioned that he had taken in some nice locomotives in trade.  He mentioned that one set was MTH Premier in Pennsylvania (besides being a steam lover, I'm also an SPF (Slobbering Pennsy Freak)) so I asked if I could see them.  It turned out that they were the MTH Premier models of the PRR Alco PA diesels in an A-B-A configuration.  I've always had a soft spot for PAs as they were first generation diesels that ran at the same time as steam and I've always found their profile to be very attractive.  That this set was in tuscan with the five gold stripe livery was the icing on the cake.  Though used, they looked pristine, so I asked Jack what he wanted for them and they wound up coming home with me.  The two A units have two motors each so they have the of brute power to haul a long string of AtlasO reefers that I demand of my locomotives.  They run extremely well, sound great, and look fantastic.  While a review and photos will follow in a few days, as I was "playing trains" tonight, I shot a video of them in action.  It's available on my Multimedia page, as well as on YouTube via the link below.

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