Some New Toys and Videos

The new year has brought a few new toys and thus a few new videos.  First up, MTH has finally released the Premier model of the BMT Standard subway cars and they were worth the wait.  The models are very highly detailed (I'll get a review and photos posted in the next few days), run extremely well, and have great station announcements (even though I don't recall the real ones that I rode on as a child having a public address systems).  The video of them in action, station announcement and all, is available on the Multimedia page of my web site and, in reduced resolution and quality, on YouTube.

Next, the MTH Premier 19th century woodsided passenger cars have been delivered and they are gems!  They have the highest level of detailing of any passenger cars that MTH has produced (and that's saying a lot), right down to the pot belly stove to keep the included passengers warm.  They look right at home with the 19th century steam locomotives that MTH has issued over the past few years.  When I shot the original video of my NYC #999 (the speed record setter), it had to be alone since I didn't have any rolling stock appropriate to it.  This new video shows it hauling the new (and very appropriate) passenger cars as the prototype did more than a hundred years ago.  Once again, it's on the Multimedia page and on YouTube.

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