Gotta Love Those 19th Century Passenger Cars!

Since the 19th century woodsided passenger cars went so well with the NYC #999 (see below), I got a set in the livery of the Pennsylvania Railroad to go with my two PRR 19th century locomotives — the H3 Consolidation (2-8-0) and the D16d American (4-4-0).  I set up the Consolidation with the new cars and gave them a spin around the track, with the DVcam watching.  The video came out quite well and is posted on the Multimedia page of my web site in your choice of high-resolution high-quality Windows Media, MPEG-4, and Real Media formats.  It's also, in reduced resolution and quality (Flash being Flash) on YouTube.  MTH has done an absolutely super job with these cars and I like them a lot!

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  1. Cars says:

    great passenger car video. You must have a nice set. if its similar to the cars in the vid. C

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