How To Build A Display Case for O-Gauge Model Trains

As visitors to my web site know, over the years I've combined my love of toy trains with my love of woodworking to build a number of display cases to hold my O-Gauge model trains (they can be seen on my Display Cases page).  Over time, I've received quite a few requests for information on how I go about building them so the last time I built one, I took the time to document the construction process by taking photos at each step and I've now prepared a photo essay on how I go about it.  You can find that page at this link: Display Case Construction.  It's pretty much a step-by-step photographic guide on how I build my cases, including many of the time-saving tricks that I've learned over the years.  If you're planning on building a display case for your trains, I hope you find this to be helpful!  🙂

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