A New Toy, A New Video, and A Milestone

First, the new toy.  I picked up the new MTH Premier Southern Pacific Cab Forward the other day.  Way back when, MTH had issued a PS1 model of this steamer and I have it.  This one is equipped with PS2 and the difference is like day and night (you can compare them as I now have videos of both of them posted on my web site and on YouTube).  For this reissue, MTH has, of course, increased the level of detail and made it available in two different models, as-built (as was the original model) or with the updated cab front that SP used when they rebuilt some of these huge locomotives.  I went with the updated front.  As you can see in the new video available on my Multimedia page as well as on YouTube (link below) it looks and sounds great!

Speaking of YouTube, I started posting my videos there about 14 months ago and I now have (with this new one) 88 train videos.  In those 14 months, the videos have racked up a total of over ONE MILLION views!  That is just totally mind blowing!

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