R-40 Subway Cars

I remember when NYCTA introduced the R-40 subway cars.  They looked quite futuristic at the time with their slanted noses.  They originally ran on the F-train (the Culver line which ran over McDonald Ave. in Brooklyn) and I rode them many times.  Originally, people were afraid to walk between cars because the slanted noses left a large gap between cars, so various safety appliances were added which destroyed the sleek appearance of the slant nose but made them a lot safer.  MTH has modeled the R-40 cars in their Premier line and has included the various safety appliances.  They look incredibly good, with even the straps for the straphangers and the fan and air conditioning vents in the ceiling being modeled.  I've got a video of them in action up on my Multimedia page (in your choice of formats) as well as on YouTube.  A review and photos will follow in a few days.

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