A New Locomotive and A New Video

Down below are photos of the new MTH Premier P5a locomotive that I shot at MTH's headquarters in Columbia, MD.  Well, I now have my own P5a and it's a truly exquisite model of the prototype.  While I have yet to do a complete photo study of it or write up a review, I did manage to shoot and edit the video and it's posted on the Multimedia page of my web site as well as on YouTube.  While the versions in Windows Media, Real Media, and MPEG-4 formats on my web site are higher resolution and higher quality than what's on YouTube, it's hard to argue with the click and play simplicity of YouTube.  Let alone, the much larger audience on YouTube that has access to the videos — for all of my videos there, we've just passed 1.5 million views!

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One Response to A New Locomotive and A New Video

  1. bob says:

    Great looking train!! MTH  continues to shine with this great model of the Pennsy P5-a boxcab. Along with some new reefers from Atlas all I can say is WOW!! Have fun with the new toy…

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