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EMD (Electromotive Div of GM) E class Diesel Locomotives


This is the MTH Premier line model of the EMD E-8 in the very attractive colors of the Seaboard Coast Line.  The  E-class units can be distinguished from their sister  F-class units by their length (they house two motors vs. the F-class single motor), and by their three-axle trucks (F-class units have a two axle truck).  Whereas the F-class locomotives were intended for freight hauling, the E-class were designed for fast passenger service.  This model came as an A-B-A set, with two motors in each A unit, for a total of four motors.  Needless to say, it can haul just about any consist.  A closeup of one of the A units is below.


MTH brought out a line of streamlined passenger cars (a total of seven) to go along with the locomotives; a few are shown below.

MTH SCL passenger cars

That's it for the models; photos of the prototypes are below.

Atlantic Coast Line E class

This is one of EMD's E-class diesel locomotives, the E-7, in the attractive colors of the Atlantic Coast Line.  

NYC E-class

This is a New York Central E-8, in the classic "lightning stripe" livery.

Pennsy E-class

Here's an E8 in the full 5-stripe tuscan red Pennsylvania livery.

Union Pacific E-class

Here is an A-B-A set of E-class units (probably E-9) on the Union Pacific, in the classic armour yellow and grey.  The E-class diesels, and their F-class sisters, dominated the early diesel market, and were some of the primary culprits responsible for the passing of steam from the scene.

Wisconsin Southern E8

Here's the E8 in the attractive colors of the Wisconsin Southern.


Finally, here's an E5 in the beautiful silver and china red of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy.

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