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Other EMD (Electromotive Div of GM) Diesel Locomotives

model SW-9

The model above is of a Jersey Central SW-9, one of the early EMD switchers.  The model of locomotive #1094 is by AtlasO, and is full 1:48 scale.  Shown below is a photo of the prototype, sister locomotive #1088.


Another early EMD locomotive was the BL-2, with BL standing for Branch Line -- a locomotive designed for service on the many non-main lines on the railways.  The model shown below is in the MTH Premier line, and is also to full scale.

MTH Premier BL-2

MTH Premier BL-2

A photo of the prototype, in the same EMD demonstrator colors, is shown below.


This hulking behemoth below is the Union Pacific DDA40X, the largest diesel locomotive ever built.  It is, in essence, two GP-40s combined end to end, with two power plants.  It was developed by EMD for the Union Pacific to commemorate the centennial of the Golden Spike Ceremony (it is often referred to as the "Centennial").  As with all such large locomotives, however, it proved to be of limited use due to its sheer size, and was soon replaced by teams of smaller diesels.



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