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Other GE Diesel Locomotives

Conrail C40-B

The locomotive above is a GE C40-B, one of many rostered by Conrail.  The one below is a model B36-7, in the modern livery of CSX Transportation.

Chessie B36-7

In June of 2007, MTH brought out a Premier model of the very first diesel locomotive, a General Electric - Ingersoll Rand boxcab locomotive that was number 1000 on the Jersey Central.  It's a small model of a small locomotive, but it's die-cast and is quite nice as you can see in the following photos.  Here it is broadside.

ge-ir boxcab

Here's a close-up of the front-end detail.

ge-ir boxcab

And here's a shot of the 'face' of the locomotive.

ge-ir boxcab

The following photo shows the actual prototype at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore when I visited in 2002.

ge-ir boxcab


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