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EMD (Electromotive Div of GM) GP Diesel Locomotives

Lionel GP-7 #2328

The GPs (called Geeps) were introduced in the 50's as roadswitchers, and proved themselves so versatile that they played a part in the extinction of steam.  Above is the Lionel model of the GP-7, #2328.  This was my very first Lionel train, and was a gift to me by an uncle on the occasion of my birth.  The model below is a GP-20 by MTH in their premier line, in the demonstrator colors of EMD.  Below that are a number of photos of various prototype geeps.


SP Geeps

Here are two EMD GP-9 units in an A-A configuration.  

IC Geep

This is a GP-7, one of the earliest GP models.   It can be distinguished (usually) by the absence of the dynamic brake blisters that are evident midbody on the GP-9.  The unit in this photo is in the colors of the Illinois Central.

Florida East Coast Geep

This is a later model Geep, the GP-38.  Note the chop-nose configuration to give the engineer greater visibility.

NYS&W Geep

This is a later model Geep, the GP-40.  Many of these remain in use today; NJ Transit has many of the GP40-2 models, which are used, for example, on the North Jersey Coast line.

CNJ Geep

Here's a GP-7 in the classic colors of the Jersey Central.

NJ Transit Geep

Here are a pair of NJ Transit GP-40PH-2 diesels, a common sight.

Chessie GP40

This is a GP-40 in the Chessie silver paint scheme.

Chessie GP-30

This is a GP-30 in a more traditional Chessie livery.

Amtrak F40PH

Lastly, here's an F40PH, one of the very common Amtrak locomotives.  Though not strictly a GP locomotive, it's family resemblance is pretty obvious.

Norfolk Southern GP38-2

Here's a GP38-2 belonging to Norfolk Southern that I caught doing switching moves on the Port Reading branch in Piscataway NJ in January 2011.

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