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In May of 2002, I visited the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD with my friend Bob.  They have an incredible collection of old locomotives, primarily steam.  I shot the pictures below; click on a thumbnail to see the picture in its full web size (640x480 -- I regret that, due to space limitations, I cannot present these photos in all of their megapixel glory).

bo-2002-01.jpg (30068 bytes) B&O Mikado (2-8-2) in front yard bo-2002-02.jpg (31965 bytes) WM BL-2 Diesel (early locomotive) bo-2002-03.jpg (27563 bytes) C&O Yellowbelly Hudson (4-6-4) bo-2002-07.jpg (44405 bytes) C&O H6 articulated running gear (2-6-6-2) bo-2002-08.jpg (36180 bytes) C&O Kanawha (2-8-4, also called Berkshire)
bo-2002-04.jpg (43719 bytes) C&O Yellowbelly Hudson nose shot bo-2002-05.jpg (52197 bytes) Reading T-1 (4-8-4) as American Freedom Train bo-2002-06.jpg (71678 bytes) C&O H6 articulated locomotive (2-6-6-2) bo-2002-10.jpg (70915 bytes) Bob and the T-1 (American Freedom Train) bo-2002-11.jpg (66723 bytes) C&O Kanawha (2-8-4) in front yard
bo-2002-09.jpg (28988 bytes) C&O Yellowbelly Hudson (4-6-4) in front yard bo-2002-12.jpg (39246 bytes) C&O H6 articulated nose shot with air pumps bo-2002-13.jpg (36338 bytes) B&O Crane and cars in front yard bo-2002-16.jpg (31171 bytes) CNJ Atlantic (4-4-2) Camelback tender bo-2002-17.jpg (32214 bytes) CNJ Atlantic (4-4-2) Camelback
bo-2002-14.jpg (55557 bytes) CNJ 1000 - 1st diesel locomotive bo-2002-15.jpg (65099 bytes) CNJ Atlantic Camelback nose shot bo-2002-18.jpg (64484 bytes) CNJ Camelback cab - note double firebox doors bo-2002-20.jpg (49593 bytes) 3-Truck Shay (geared locomotive) bo-2002-22.jpg (58827 bytes) B&O Consolidation (2-8-0) #545 - A.J. Cromwell
bo-2002-19.jpg (31834 bytes) 3-Truck Shay (geared locomotive) bo-2002-21.jpg (31087 bytes) B&O Consolidation (2-8-0) #545 bo-2002-24.jpg (32516 bytes) True Camel type locomotive #217 bo-2002-25.jpg (31783 bytes) Camel and tender - note firebox location! bo-2002-26.jpg (37719 bytes) 2-6-0 Mogul type, J.C. Davis
bo-2002-23.jpg (62430 bytes) A true Camel type locomotive #217 bo-2002-29.jpg (62382 bytes) #600, 2-6-0 Mogul with wooden cowcatcher bo-2002-30.jpg (49238 bytes) 10-Wheeler (4-6-0) #117, Thatcher Perkins bo-2002-32.jpg (40871 bytes) William Mason, 4-4-0 American bo-2002-35.jpg (54849 bytes) The Allegheny tender stoker screw
bo-2002-27.jpg (39621 bytes) View of the roundhouse; wood floor is turntable bo-2002-28.jpg (41540 bytes) Another view of the roundhouse bo-2002-31.jpg (39393 bytes) 10-Wheeler (4-6-0) #117, Thatcher Perkins bo-2002-33.jpg (28813 bytes) The Allegheny, 2-6-6-6, largest of them all bo-2002-34.jpg (34005 bytes) Bob and the Allegheny
bo-2002-36.jpg (34153 bytes) The fireman's side of the Allegheny cab bo-2002-37.jpg (36147 bytes) The doors to the Allegheny firebox bo-2002-39.jpg (42331 bytes) The massive three axle trailing truck bo-2002-40.jpg (36766 bytes) B&O Presidential Pacific (4-6-2) bo-2002-41.jpg (33845 bytes) The Allegheny with the roundhouse
bo-2002-43.jpg (30590 bytes) A C&O Jordan Spreader in the yard bo-2002-44.jpg (33669 bytes) A hot metal car from Bethlehem Steel bo-2002-45.jpg (43898 bytes) An old wooden C&O combine car bo-2002-46.jpg (40009 bytes) An elderly C&O woodsided caboose bo-2002-47.jpg (42139 bytes) A B&O tunnel clearance car
bo-2002-48.jpg (30407 bytes) C&O dynamometer car, used for testing bo-2002-49.jpg (24395 bytes) The B&O Railroad Museum roundhouse bo-2002-50.jpg (25179 bytes) The tender of the Allegheny bo-2002-51.jpg (25317 bytes) The B&O President Washington bo-2002-52.jpg (30509 bytes) A Pullman troop sleeper from WWII
bo-2002-53.jpg (32573 bytes) A C&O Jordan Spreader in the yard bo-2002-54.jpg (27106 bytes) A double hopper slag car used in steel works bo-2002-55.jpg (38779 bytes) WM RS-3, an early diesel locomotive bo-2002-56.jpg (27305 bytes) Live steam model of a C&O Greenbrier bo-2002-57.jpg (26903 bytes) A hand made brass model of a B&O Pacific

On 12 July 2007, my friend Bob and I once again visited the B&O Railroad Museum.  This was our first visit since the one above and our first since the disastrous roof collapse.  We were very impressed by the restoration work that has been done, as you can see in the following photographs.  Clicking on a photograph will bring up a larger version.

C&O H6 (2-6-6-2) articulated locomotive

C&O H6 front view showing air pumps

Restored roundhouse - they did a great job
B&O woodsided caboose, from a bygone age

H6 engineer's side view with Bob and daughters

H6 face shot showing appurtenances

Reading T1 Northern (4-8-4) face shot

Bob's daughters with Reading T1 

Clinchfield #1, (2-6-0) Mogul 
Jersey Central #592 (4-4-2) Atlantic camelback

H6 rear cylinder and drivers 

H6 front cylinder and drivers 
H6 tender view - a bit worn by the weather

C&O Kanawha (2-8-4), also called a Berkshire 
C&O Kanawha drivers and running gear

C&O Kanawha with tender 

Timken roller bearing on leading truck 

Guess they wanted no mistakes! 

Tender truck showing safety chains 

C&O Kanawha tender, larger than H6 tender 

Pere Marquette double bay hopper car 

Western Maryland BL-2 diesel 

Side view of BL-2 showing fireball logo 
Western Maryland diesel slug

B&O SW900 diesel locomotive #633

C&O baggage car, note small and large door
C&O baggage car, alternate view

Reading T-1 Northern (4-8-4) Am. Freedom Train 

Baltimore & Annapolis #50 diesel, GE 70 tonner 

Close-up of bell and eagle on Reading T-1 

BOMX 9733, an H12-44 diesel, ex-MILW

Baldwin VO-1000 diesel locomotive, ex-Canton

Western Maryland #195, Alco RS-3 diesel 

Close-up of markings on WM #195 

Old B&O red caboose with flatcar in front 

Prototype woodsided reefer car

The restored roundhouse - better than new!

Various railroad signals in front yard

Forerunner of B&O railroad cars

The restored roundhouse from the inside

B&O tunnel clearance car, now in roundhouse

Clinchfield #1, Mogul (2-6-0)

Bob's daughter at the controls of #1

Clinchfield #1 backhead details

Markings on RPO car in roundhouse

Interior detail of RPO car showing sorting slots

Three truck Shay #1, Greenbrier Cheat & Elk

One end of CNJ #1000. first diesel

Other end of CNJ #1000, first diesel

10-Wheeler (4-6-0) #117, Thatcher Perkins

The RPO card, Maryland & Pennsylvania

B&O Royal Blue Line passenger car

C&O woodsided passenger car

CJ #592, camelback Atlantic (4-4-2)

FIrebox of CNJ #592 showing dual doors

Running gear of CNJ #592 Atlantic (4-4-0)

Greenbrier Cheat & Elk Shay #1

Detail of Shay #1 drivers showing gearing

Vertical cylinders on Shay #1

Shay #1 running gear under the tender

CNJ #1000, the first diesel locomotive

B&O electric boxcab #10, ca. 1909

Crane currently located in the roundhouse

B&O bobber (two axles) caboose

William Mason, American (4-4-0) type

William Mason, American (4-4-0) type, woodburner

Information poster about the William Mason

Close-up of William Mason dome showing detail

#600, 2-6-0 Mogul, in need of repair after roof collapse

Face of A J Cromwell, awaiting restoration

William Mason tender with wood load

Thatcher Perkins showing damage to cab

A J Cromwell showing damage to cab

John Hancock, replica of very early steamer

Replica of Atlantic, one of the first locomotives

Nose of Western Maryland F7A diesel

Nose of B&O EA, early passenger diesel

Nose of C&O Yellowbelly Hudson (4-6-4)

Nose of B&O President Washington (4-6-2) Pacific

Nose of C&O Allegheny (2-6-6-6)

B&O GP-7 diesel locomotive

B&O GP-7 diesel locomotive

C&O Jordan spreader out in the yard

Western Maryland F7A diesel

Diesel with access doors open to show innards

HO scale model railroad in passenger car

WM F7A diesel broadside view

B&O bay window caboose out in yard

C&O Yellowbelly Hudson (4-6-4)

Massive C&O Allegheny tender

Bob's daughters with C&O Allegheny

C&O Allegheny, lighting variation 1

C&O Allegheny, lighting variation 2

B&O Mikado (2-8-2) #4500, nose shot

Fireman's controls in cab of C&O Allegheny

C&O Allegheny running gear

Bob next to B&O Mikado #4500

Fireman and engineer controls, C&O Allegheny

Engineer's controls in cab of C&O Allegheny

Firebox doors in B&O President Washington

C&O 10-wheeler (4-6-0) #377 in car shop

Display of model steam locomotives

Display of model steam locomotives

Display of model steam locomotives

Exquisite brass model of steam locomotive interior

C&O yellowbelly Hudson (4-6-4)

C&O 10-wheeler (4-6-0) #377 in car shop

Running gear of C&O 10-wheeler #377

Running gear of C&O yellowbelly Hudson

WWII troop sleeper car from Pullman

G-gauge garden railroad in outdoor yard

G-gauge garden railroad in outdoor yard

G-gauge garden railroad in outdoor yard

G-gauge garden railroad in outdoor yard

B&O GP-9 diesel locomotive

C&O Jordan spreader out in yard

Flatcar with ties and tie crane

Interior round house view showing locomotives

Interior roundhouse view showing cars

Interior roundhouse view showing locomotives

Model of Stourbridge Lion, early steamer

Display of model early steam locomotives

Display of model steam locomotives

Display of model steam locomotives

Display of model diesel locomotives

Display of model electric locomotives

On 12 August 2008, my friend Bob, his daughters, and I once again visited the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore.  It was good to see that several of the locomotives that were still damaged last year have now been restored.  We just missed the William Mason as it was hauled out that morning for testing as it may be used in excursion service in October.  (Captions will follow as I have the time.)


On 15 July 2009, my friend Bob and I once again visited the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore.  It was good to see that still more of the damaged locomotives have been repaired and that William Mason was back and looking great.  We were told that Thatcher Perkins (see the first set of photos up above) is almost finished and should be back in a few months.  (Captions will follow as I have the time.)

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