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During the July fourth weekend, 2000, I visited, for the first time, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and the Strasburg Railroad, both in Strasburg, PA.  The museum is an awesome place for a railfan to visit!  The display of motive power and rolling stock is second to none.  I shot the photos below; click on a thumbnail to see the photo in its full web size (640x480 -- I regret that, due to space limitations, I cannot present these photos in all of their megapixel glory).

roll1_03.jpg (26686 bytes)
4-4-0 American #1223
roll1_04.jpg (32236 bytes)
 4-4-0 American #1223
roll1_05.jpg (28729 bytes)
2-8-2 Mikado #520
roll1_06.jpg (38651 bytes)
0-8-0 Eight-Coupled #1187
roll1_07.jpg (30163 bytes)
Test Weight Car
roll1_08.jpg (36777 bytes)
2-8-0 Consolidation #1187
roll1_09.jpg (36242 bytes)
4-4-2 Atlantic #468
roll1_10.jpg (34672 bytes)
4-4-2 Atlantic #468
roll1_11.jpg (30055 bytes)
E44 Rectifier #4465
roll1_12.jpg (29880 bytes)
Passenger Car
roll1_13.jpg (27747 bytes)
Bobber Caboose
roll1_14.jpg (27745 bytes)
4-6-2 K4s Pacific
roll1_15.jpg (35982 bytes)
4-6-2 K4s Pacific
roll1_16.jpg (30481 bytes)
4-6-2 K4s Pacific
roll1_17.jpg (27022 bytes)
4-8-2 M1 Mountain
roll1_18.jpg (27542 bytes)
4-8-2 M1 Mountain
roll1_19.jpg (36516 bytes)
Baldwin Diesel Switcher
roll1_20.jpg (35067 bytes)
Yard Turntable
roll1_21.jpg (38772 bytes)
Reading FP7 Diesel
roll1_22.jpg (40992 bytes)
Reading FP7 Diesel
roll2_04.jpg (36559 bytes)
Conrail derrick
roll2_05.jpg (30266 bytes)
0-4-0 Reading Camelback
roll2_06.jpg (29122 bytes)
0-4-0 Reading Camelback
roll2_07.jpg (50828 bytes)
GG-1 #4800
roll2_08.jpg (30954 bytes)
0-4-0 Reading Camelback
roll2_09.jpg (32344 bytes)
Reading FP-7 Diesel
roll2_10.jpg (30645 bytes)
GG-1 #4800
roll2_11.jpg (34706 bytes)
GG-1 #4800
roll2_12.jpg (29436 bytes)
2-8-4 NKP Berkshire
roll2_13.jpg (28324 bytes)
2-8-4 NKP Berkshire
roll2_14.jpg (29749 bytes)
RS-1 Diesel
roll2_15.jpg (35944 bytes)
Reading Crusader Obs car
roll2_16.jpg (25569 bytes)
Tank Engine
roll2_17.jpg (30498 bytes)
Strasburg RR Decapod
roll2_18.jpg (31006 bytes)
Strasburg RR Decapod
roll3_03.jpg (33527 bytes)
FP-7 control stand
roll3_04.jpg (37686 bytes)
Replica of John Bull
roll3_05.jpg (37967 bytes)
Steam Loco backhead
roll3_06.jpg (24663 bytes)
FGE Reefer
roll3_07.jpg (34478 bytes)
0-4-0T Steamer
roll3_08.jpg (33257 bytes)
Pennsy N5C Caboose
roll3_09.jpg (36176 bytes)
Geared Heisler
roll3_10.jpg (38465 bytes)
Geared Climax
roll3_11.jpg (39732 bytes)
Geared Shay #1
roll3_12.jpg (37067 bytes)
Geared Shay #1
roll3_13.jpg (33250 bytes)
GG-1 Pantograph
roll3_14.jpg (36165 bytes)
GG-1 #4935
roll3_15.jpg (39179 bytes)
GG-1 #4935
roll3_17.jpg (41024 bytes)
4-4-2 Atlantic #7002
roll3_18.jpg (36147 bytes)
 4-4-2 Atlantic #7002
roll3_19.jpg (31757 bytes)
 B-1 Electric Switcher
roll3_20.jpg (37097 bytes)
0-6-0 Six Coupled Switcher
roll3_21.jpg (33191 bytes)
4-6-0 Ten Wheeler
roll3_22.jpg (38964 bytes)
2-6-0 Mogul
roll4_04.jpg (27414 bytes)
Builder's Plates
roll4_05.jpg (41154 bytes)
0-4-0 Four Coupled #94
roll4_06.jpg (34668 bytes)
DD-1 Electric
roll4_07.jpg (88910 bytes)
4-4-0 American #1223
roll4_08.jpg (32365 bytes)
2-8-2 Mikado #520
roll4_09.jpg (41600 bytes)
View from Overhead
roll4_10.jpg (41208 bytes)
View from Overhead
roll4_11.jpg (47989 bytes)
Strasburg RR #475
roll4_12.jpg (75930 bytes)
#90 Running Around
roll4_13.jpg (27267 bytes)
View from the excursion
roll4_14.jpg (56258 bytes)
Decapod #90
roll4_15.jpg (34668 bytes)
Decapod #90
roll4_16.jpg (36374 bytes)
Coupling to the Train
roll4_17.jpg (30892 bytes)
Decapod #90
roll4_18.jpg (28817 bytes)
Decapod #90
roll4_19.jpg (27351 bytes)
Decapod #90

After the TCA York meet in April of 2002, my friend Bob, his daughters, and I visited the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and went for a ride on the Strasburg Railroad on a train pulled by Consolidation (2-8-0) #475.  It was a great deal of fun, as the following photos should show.  Unfortunately, the museum yard was closed due to restoration work, so we were only able to see the trains inside the museum proper -- it was still well worth the visit.  Clicking on any of the thumbnails will bring up the full web-sized photo.

2002 RR Museum of PA
#475 pulling into the station
2002 RR Museum of PA
#475 in the station
2002 RR Museum of PA
The Strasburg Railroad water tower
2002 RR Museum of PA
The passenger cars are old and have been lovingly restored. The flue is for the potbelly coal stove!
2002 RR Museum of PA
Heading toward Leaman Place (the interchange between the Strasburg RR and the former PRR main line).
2002 RR Museum of PA
There's no room to turn around, so the locomotive runs around to pull the train from the rear
2002 RR Museum of PA
Here the locomotive is running around past the train to pull it back to Strasburg
2002 RR Museum of PA
The locomotive going past to get to the rear end of the train
2002 RR Museum of PA
Heading back, the locomotive pulls the train front forward
2002 RR Museum of PA
View of the locomotive from the train
2002 RR Museum of PA
The Strasburg RR has a little red caboose.  Or maybe not so little after all
2002 RR Museum of PA
#475 getting ready for the next run of the day
2002 RR Museum of PA
#475 attracts a crowd
2002 RR Museum of PA
It's a Baldwin, built in 1906 and lovingly maintained
2002 RR Museum of PA
Cab of #475
2002 RR Museum of PA
At the museum is this well preserved example of the PRR DD1
2002 RR Museum of PA
2002 RR Museum of PA
Note the sliding shoes to allow the DD1 to use the outside third rail for power
2002 RR Museum of PA
Bob's daughters Kimberly and Stephanie in front of the PRR K4s #3750
2002 RR Museum of PA
Here they are again, in front of D16sb, a 4-4-0 American steamer
2002 RR Museum of PA
PRR #7688, an H10 2-8-0 Consolidation
2002 RR Museum of PA
Another Baldwin locomotive
2002 RR Museum of PA
Virginia & Truckee Tahoe, a 2-6-0 Mogul steamer
2002 RR Museum of PA
Across from the museum, the Strasburg RR has this little doodlebug
2002 RR Museum of PA
One of the well restored old time passenger cars in the museum's collection
2002 RR Museum of PA
Parked out in the yard, next to the road, is the PRR 4-8-s Mountain-type steamer, class M1b, in need of restoration
2002 RR Museum of PA
A view of the front of the M1b
2002 RR Museum of PA
A classic view of a classic locomotive.  I hope that it's slated for restoration soon!
2002 RR Museum of PA
The M1b was built at Pennsy's own Altoona shops
2002 RR Museum of PA
The running gear of the M1b

On 6 June 2009, my friends Bob, Jacob, and I visited the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, the Strasburg Railroad, and the Choo Choo Barn, all located in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.  The first set of photos shows the museum.  Clicking on one of the thumbnails will bring up the full web-sized photo.  (The following three sections are not complete; as time allows, I will be adding the appropriate captions to explain each photo)

Model trains in the museum lobby

Model trains in the museum lobby

PRR #1223, a 4-4-0 D16sb American type

#1223 tender

Bob with #1223

Front view of PRR #1223, 4-4-0 D16sb American

Front view of the replica John Bull

The nose of the PRR E7 diesel locomotive

PRR #5741, 4-6-0 Ten- Wheeler G5s 

V&T #20, The Tahoe, 2-6-0 wood-burning Mogul 

PRR #1187, a 2-8-0 H3 Consolidation

PRR #1187, a 2-8-0 H3 Consolidation

Consolidation tender

Jacob with #1187

Jacob again sans glasses

Lehigh Valley bobber caboose

Restored passenger car and old time buggy

B.S. #111, 0-4-0T tank engine

Restored passenger car

Snow plow

PRR #2846, a 2-8-0 H6sb Consolidation


Railbus placard

View of locomotive drivers from below

Who said that blind drivers aren't prototypical?

The #1187 placard

A PRR pickup truck!

One of the museum's well restored passenger cars

John Bull replica

John Bull placard

PRR #7002, a 4-4-2 E2a Atlantic type steamer

PRR #7002

The #7002 placard

A fireless steam locomotive, essentially a large Thermos bottle

The fireless steam locomotive placard

The #1670 placard

PRR #1670, an 0-6-0 B6sb switch engine. Note the lack of engine lagging.

The B6 tender

The #5741 tender
PRR #5741, a 4-6-0 G5s Ten Wheeler

The #5741 placard 

PRR #5901 diesel placard 

PRR #5901, an E7 passenger diesel 

Virginia & Truckee Tahoe, a 2-6-0 Mogul 

The cab of the Tahoe 

The Tahoe tender.  She was a wood burner 

Reading #1251, an 0-6-0T  tank engine 

Reading #1251 placard 

Slopeback tender of #94 

PRR #94, an 0-4-0 A5s switch engine. Note absence of lagging

The #94 placard 

#7002 from the other side 

The John Stevens, a very early steam engine 

PRR E44 rectifier 

PRR B1 "rat" 

Last steam loco bell from the Lehigh Valley RR 
Backhead of the Climax geared locomotive
Close-up of Shay gearing
Nose of the Shay geared locomotive
The 'face' of the Olomana

B1 placard 

Heisler geared locomotive 

Heisler geared locomotive 
Heisler placard

Climax geared locomotive 

Climax placard 

Shay geared locomotive 

Shay geared locomotive 

Shay geared locomotive 

Diorama with PRR porthole caboose 

Olomana placard 

Olomana, an 0-4-2T locomotive 

An Atlas Reefer - life size! 

Jacob in a locomotive simulator 

Jacob at the throttle 
Nickel Plate 2-8-4 Berkshire #757
Old Rivets herself, the first GG1, #4800
Nickel Plate 2-8-4 Berkshire #757 

Berkshire tender 

Flat end observation car 
Old Rivets, GG1 #4800

The H10 builder's plate
Old Rivets, the first GG1, #4800, taken from across the street at the Strasburg RR

The next set of photos were taken at the Strasburg Railroad.  The locomotive used on our excursion was #90, a 2-10-0 Decapod type steam locomotive.

The Strasburg RR water tower 
Historic tower J

#90 approaching the station 

#90 getting closer 
Interior of Marian, our first-class car
Marian, the first-class car we rode in 

Interior of Marian 



Red Caboose Motel as seen from the train 

Red Caboose Motel as seen from the train 
Jacob in Marian, our first class car
Red Caboose Motel as seen from the train 

Viewed from the train, Reading 1187, a tiny 0-4-0 camelback slated for restoration 

#90 after the excursion, running around the train 

Bob and Jacob try out the handcar 

Not so easy as it appears 

Bob appears to be straining!
Got it going!

Clear track ahead! 

On the way back 

This last set of photos was taken at the Choo Choo Barn, just down the road from the Museum and the Railroad.  It has an enormous O-gauge layout that is filled with more animations than I have ever seen on any layout.  I've tried to document it in the photos below, but they show only a fraction of what there is to see.  Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full web-sized photos.


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