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4-4-4 Reading Steam Locomotives

4-4-4 Reading type

The 4-4-4 Reading steam locomotive shown above was one of the few examples built for the Reading Railroad.  Never a very popular wheel arrangement, this is one of the very few examples of such a locomotive.  The Canadian Pacific also had a few locomotives with this wheel arrangement; on the CP, they were called Jubilees.

4-4-4 Jubilee

In the 1930's, Lionel brought out a massive Standard Gauge steam locomotive called the #400E.  While not a model of a Reading-type steamer, it did share the 4-4-4 wheel arrangement.  The new Lionel Corporation (a part of MTH) has brought out, in 2009/2010, an almost perfect replica of the #400E.  Well, perfect externally.  Internally, it's a pure 21st century model with the full Protosound 2 electronics package for wonderful sound, synchronized puffing smoke, and full remote control with DCS.  It spoke to me at the train store, so I brought it home, along with a series of large tinplate Standard Gauge freight cars to make up a very nice train.  Here are some photos of this Standard Gauge gem.

standard gauge #400e

standard gauge #400e

standard gauge refrigerator reefer car

standard gauge searchlight car

standard gauge stock car

standard gauge pennsylvania caboose

standard gauge pennsylvania boxcar

standard gauge CNJ caboose

standard gauge pittsburgh coal hopper

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