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While I could post a variety of prototype subway photographs, you'll find all that you could ever want at:


which is a definitive site about the NYC subway.  Rather, on this page I'll simply show some photographs of my model subway trains (having grown up in NYC, with the subway running through my back yard, I still do have a fondness for them).

This is the MTH RailKing R-36 World's Fair Subway set.  It's a model of the R-36 cars used on the #7 IRT, painted in baby-blue, which were used for the World's Fair Subway Special that ran from Times Square to the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing Meadow Park.  This set was released in September of 2002, and is an excellent model of the original.  In the first photo, you can see the train coming over my model of the Hell Gate bridge.

MTH R-36 World's Fair Subway Set

In the next photo, note the excellent front-end detail, down to the black rubber that held in the front door glass. The markings are just about perfect.

MTH R-36 World's Fair Subway Set

Here's a detail shot of the side of the power car.  Note the detail on the car side and the trucks.

MTH R-36 World's Fair Subway Set

The final shot shows the other end of the car (the "blind" end), as these cars lived in semi-permanently coupled pairs.

MTH R-36 World's Fair Subway Set

In October of 2005 I had not one, but two different subway sets arrive.  The first is an MTH Premier line model of the R-1, the first of the cars ordered for the IND.  These are exquisite models, fully detailed on the outside and inside, as you can see in the following photographs.  The first shows the power car broadside.

The next photo shows a closeup of one of the following cars -- note that this is the famous "A" train!

The next photo shows the car with its internal illumination so you can see the interior details -- node the painted people and (painted) rattan seats.  Even the interior floor is painted red!

Here's another interior detail shot.

At the front end, you can see our motorman and the fact that we're headed up to Washington Heights.

The second set of subway cars are in the RailKing line and are models of the IRT Lo-V's (low voltage) cars from the earlier part of the 20th century.  The first photo shows the power car broadside,

The next is a closeup showing the detail of the signage.

Here's one of the other cars -- note that this one has the marker lights absent.

Here's the front end of the power car.  Since this is in the RailKing line, the detailing is somewhat less than on the R-1 cars above, but is more than adequate.

In early 2008, MTH released their Premier model of the old BMT Standard subway cars.  These were quite special to me as I watched them from my bedroom window when I was growing up (the Sea Beach line ran through my backyard) and often rode on them.  I remember playing with the conductor's buttons on the rail between the center doors and pretending to be the conductor.    I even remember the rattan seats!  Well, what MTH has delivered is an absolutely stunning recreation of those long-gone subway cars.  The models are very much as I remember the originals, down to the simulated rattan seats!  The photos below tell the whole story better than I can in words.  First is a broadside of one of the cars.

MTH Premier BMT Standard

Next is a close-up showing interior detail including the simulated rattan seats. 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

Here's the detail mid-car.  Note the wide rail between the center doors, not present on the end doors, just like the prototype. 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

Here's another detail shot.  The cars come populated with riders and with all the appropriate markings for the Brighton line. 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

This is the power car.  Note the gray shield inside to hide the motors and electronics. 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

Here's the power car with its internal lights on. 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

Notice how realistic the car looks with its own lighting. 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

With all the room lights out, watching this run on the layout brings back memories! 

MTH Premier BMT Standard

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