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2-10-4 Texas Steam Locomotives

2-10-4 Texas

The 2-10-4 Texas steam locomotives were heavy freight haulers, designed for pulling long drags over long distances.  The example above is from the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR).  The one below is from the Canadian Pacific (CP), where they were called Selkirks.

2-10-4 CP

In mid-2001, MTH brought out a Premier model of the ATSF Texas-type locomotive. As usual, it is superb, as the following photos show. The first shows the right-side cab and firebox detail.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

The next shows the right-side boiler and driver detail.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

Here's a close-up of the front detail. Note the cast-in smoke lifter detail on the stack as well as the number plates.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

Here's the top of boiler detail, including some steam lines that I've not seen on other models.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

Here's an extreme close-up of the detail in the cab.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

The following is a left-side view of the entire locomotive.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

Here's a close-up of the steam chest and crosshead detail.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

The tender is enormous! Here's a shot of the entire thing.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

Finally, here's the detail on the rear of the tender.

MTH Premier ATSF Texas

A photo of the Santa Fe prototype is shown below.

ATSF Texas

At the end of July, 2005, MTH brought out another model of a Texas, this time the massive Pennsylvania RR J1 as shown in the photo at the top of the page.  The model is a very good replica of the prototype as you can see in the following photographs.  The first shows the locomotive broadside.

The next three photos show close-ups of the locomotive toward the rear, the middle, and the front.

The fifth photo shows the tender broadside.

The next photo shows the "face" of the locomotive with the handsome drop coupler.

And, before my friend Bob says a word, here it is in operation, CHUFF!ing and PUFF!ing for all it's worth!

The next photo is a close-up of the trustee's plate and cab number on the locomotive cab.

The ninth photo is a close-up of the Altoona builder's plate on the locomotive.

The next photo shows the detail on the top of the tender.

The last photo is a close-up of the plates on the back of the tender.

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