The Original Cab Forward

For my 200th video on YouTube 🙂 here's a pretty unusual locomotive.  This is the original MTH Premier SP Cab Forward (4-8-8-2) steam locomotive that was produced in 1998. It has the original ProtoSound system which provided sound and smoke but not the remote control capability with DCS that you see with all of my later locomotives as seen in my other videos — this one is purely conventional operation. The differences between the original ProtoSound (PS1) and the newer ProtoSound 2 (PS2) are pretty evident (the newer system is way superior), but this is a very unusual locomotive, one of the first that I got in the MTH Premier line, and I thought it was worth showing. Given the engineering challenges in trying to convert this to PS2 (with the locomotive essentially backwards) as I did with most of my other PS1 models, I instead got a new PS2 model of the Cab Forward, and a video of that is available as well —  In this True HD 1080p video of the original PS1 Cab Forward, you can see that, even 12 years ago, the model was quite detailed and the sound is, for that time period, quite good.

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